Zygoma Procedure

The All-On-4 dental implant treatment has a number of variants, which are implemented in patients where the normal All-On-4 dental implants would not be the advised choice. Below, we have explained the All-On-4 Zygoma treatment in more detail, as well as the patients this treatment is used for. If you are curious about this variant of the standard All-On-4 dental implant treatment, please read the information provided by the Malo Dental below.

What Is the All-On-4 Zygoma Treatment?

All-On-4 Zygoma treatment uses longer dental implants than a regular All-On-4 treatment. These extra long dental implants are used when a patient has insufficient jawbone for regular treatment, ensuring that the dental implants can provide a strong and long-lasting foundation for the artificial teeth.

Before a patient can take advantage of the All-On-4 Zygoma treatment, they must be evaluated by an experienced dentist. After an evaluation, the dentist can determine which All-On-4 dental treatment is most suitable for you.

Even though most patients find their way to All-On-4 dental implants after they find out they are not eligible for normal dental implants, some patients choose All-On-4 to begin with. All-On-4 can be much more affordable than other dental implant treatments, mainly because the treatment requires less time and resources. So, if you held off on dental implants due to the cost, check out All-On-4 as an alternative.

How Does the All-On-4 Zygoma Concept Work?

The All-On-4 Zygoma treatment will be executed under a general anaesthetic. Before the treatment can commence, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s jawbone; this is done with a simple X-ray. Once the X-ray is evaluated, the dentist can determine if this type of treatment is right for you.

When the general anaesthetic has been given to the patient, the procedure commences. During the procedure the surgeon will insert zygoma implants in the upper or lower jawbone of the patient; this will form the foundation for an entire arch of teeth.

Once the dental implants are in place, the patient can leave the dental clinic. Then, the patient is required to return within a couple of days. During their next appointment, the dentist will attach the new artificial teeth to the dental implants, enabling you to leave the clinic with your new, beautiful smile.

Who Needs the All-On-4 Zygoma Procedure?

As briefly mentioned before, the All-On-4 zygoma procedure can be a consideration for patients who are not eligible for normal dental implants or the regular All-On-4 procedure. When a patient has lost a considerable number of teeth, it is quite common for the jawbone to start deteriorating. As a result, there is not enough jawbone for regular dental implants, nor is there enough jawbone for regular All-On-4 dental implants.

Most patients require bone grafting after losing a large number of teeth. During a bone grafting procedure, missing jawbone is replaced, providing a sturdier base for the dental implants to be embedded in the patient’s jaw.

Even though bone grafting could be a solution for people who want dental implants, it can be lengthy and expensive process; this is where All-On-4 comes in, since less jawbone is required to keep the dental implants in their place.

What Is the Difference Between the Traditional Zygomatic Implants and the Zygoma Plus?

To get the strongest foundation possible for the dental implants, the implants must be placed in a strategic position. In some cases, this requires a specific placement.

The difference between regular zygoma and zygoma plus is the placement of the extra-long dental implants. Zygoma plus is a new technique referred to as the sinus impaction graft. It is an advanced surgical protocol, which creates the room necessary for the dental implants. By using Zygoma plus, dentists can improve the aesthetics, functioning, durability, comfort, and maintainability of the dental implants and the artificial teeth.

Like most dental implant procedures, there are some variations on the procedure itself, depending on how poor the bone volume of the patient is. In some cases, the dentist must implement two long implants in each cheekbone to ensure the proper support for the dental implants. This type of procedure is referred to as the quad zygoma plus.

To determine which dental implant procedure is most suitable for your needs, it is essential to speak to a dentist. After an evaluation and an x-ray, the dentist can determine the best course of action to take. Based on the treatment options available to you, you can make a more informed decision.

Do you have any additional questions about All-On-4 or the zygoma technique? Or would you like to book an appointment with one of our dentists or oral surgeons to determine your suitability for the procedure? For more info, or to book an appointment to uncover your dental implant eligibility, please contact the Malo Dental receptionists by email or telephone.



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