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If you have ended up on the Malo Dental website, you probably want to learn more about the All-On-4 dental implant treatment and its benefits. To learn more about the all-on-4 dental treatment at the Malo Dental, please read the information below.

What Is All-On-4 and How Is It Done?

The all-on-4 dental implant technique is a dental implant procedure invented almost a decade ago by Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel Biocare, an implant manufacturer. The treatment allows the total rehabilitation of patients who suffered a loss of teeth, more specifically through the placement of four titanium implants in each jaw.

All-on-4 dental implants can be used as the foundation for the Malo Dental Bridge, a structure that enables the placement of a fixed set of teeth. These teeth will look and feel quite similar to natural teeth.

By using an all-on-4 technique, oral surgeons are able to stabilise the jawbone of the patient in question and stimulate the jawbone by giving it its function back. The treatment can also be implemented in patients with a minimal amount of jawbone, more specifically by tilting the posterior implants by forty-five degrees.

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What Are the Advantages of All-On-Four?

All-on-four dental implants are accompanied by a number of benefits, which may vary from patient to patient. The first benefit of all-on-four is the relatively high success rate, more specifically 98%. Even though the Malo Dental can never guarantee the success of a treatment, the success rate supported by scientific evidence is higher than the success rate of regular dental implants.

In most cases, the use of all-on-four dental implants can eliminate the need for bone grafting. Bone grafting is a procedure that is used for patients who are not eligible for normal dental implants because of a lack of jawbone. Unfortunately, these types of procedures tend to be lengthy and costly. However, because of the unique technique used during an all-on-four treatment, bone grafting is usually not necessary, even in patients who have suffered bone loss due to the loss of teeth.

All-on-four dental implants might be possible for patients with diabetes, osteoporosis and other medical conditions that may affect the jawbone or the success rate of a normal dental implant treatment. However, conditions that could affect the outcome of the treatment must be controlled; for example, people with uncontrolled diabetes will not be able to benefit from any dental implant treatment, even the advanced all-on-four procedure.

Another great benefit of the treatment is the fact that patients can get their replacement teeth in a single day, even though the initial teeth are of a temporary nature. The final fixed teeth are fitted in the second phase of this dental implant treatment.

Last but not least, all-on-four dental implants are a hygienic option as well. Considering these implants function and look like natural teeth, they can be looked after like regular teeth as well, providing a few adjustments are made where toothbrushes are concerned.

Could All-On-Four Be a Good Treatment for My Missing Teeth?

The best way to determine if this treatment is suitable for you, is by visiting the Malo Dental. During your first appointment, our experienced staff can evaluate your dental health. When the evaluation is complete, our staff will be able to give you specific treatment options that will meet your needs. During the appointment, patients also get the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Some patients who visit the Malo Dental for all-on-four dental implants, do so because they want a more permanent alternative than their current dentures. Even though dentures are a viable solution for people who have lost their teeth, some patients may feel like dentures are not the ideal solution for them.


How Does an All-On-Four Treatment Go at the Malo Dental?

Before the start of your dental implant treatment, an experienced oral surgeon at our clinic will execute a careful and thorough evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your situation. The appointment with the oral surgeon will also include a visual representation of treatment options. Through a special computer program, the surgeon will be able to create a three-dimensional image of your jaw and place virtual implants; this enables the surgeon to estimate the accuracy of the intended treatment plan. To increase the success rate and the comfort of the patient in question, the fixed bridge will also be manufactured before the surgery takes place.

While a patient waits for their new prosthesis, the patient will have access to a private recovery room. After everything has been put in place, the patient can leave the hospital and take advantage of their new teeth.

Why Choose the Malo Dental over Other Dental Facilities?

The Malo Dental is one of the most advanced dental facilities in the country. The Malo Dental was founded as early as 1995 and has enjoyed a considerable growth since. The clinic is also a leader in implantology as well as dental aesthetics.

Our Malo Dental also meets the highest standards where quality and comfort for patients is concerned. Through continuous research and evaluation, the Malo Dental is able to provide outstanding medical services, use the latest equipment in the world of dentistry, and provide a comfortable environment for patients visiting our facility for treatment.

The Malo Dental is also responsible for several innovative techniques, protocols and products that have been released in dentistry over the past few years. One of these innovative techniques is the all-on-four technique, which is heavily discussed in this article. Our Malo Dental team is also active in informing patients and medical professionals about certain dentistry techniques and new treatment options. The team of the Malo Dental has been responsible for the release of several textbooks for professionals, but also for more than eighty scientific articles in international journals.

In conclusion, the Malo Dental provides a safe environment and an experienced team specialised in dental implants. Even patients with complicated problems that prevent them from getting dental implants are welcome at the Malo Dental and our team will be more than happy to evaluate the problem and provide you with a possible solution.



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