Discover the Evolution of Dental Implant Techniques!

Dental implants have come a long way since their invention. Many people are aware of their existence, but not everyone knows just how long dental implants have been around. Patients who wish to gain more information about dental implants and how they have evolved over the course of the years will find this article a very valuable source of information. Be sure to read on to find out how dental implants have evolved over time.

When Was the Dental Implant Invented?

The dental implant has been around a lot longer than most people realise. Even ancient civilisations were familiar with the concept of the dental implant, even though the dental implant of today looks a lot different than the dental implant used in ancient civilisations.

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Archaeologists have found a lot of evidence to support the claim that the dental implant has been around for centuries. The earliest version of the dental implant was found with ancient Mayan civilisations, dating all the way back to 600 A.D.

Dental implants used to look very different and were quite primitive. Common materials used to implement dental implants in the old days were carved stone, jade and even seashells, so the dental implant has evolved quite a bit since those days.

How Have Dental Implants Evolved?

Existing dental implant techniques needed to evolve to provide patients with a less invasive procedure and more durable solutions. The modern dental implant, or at least its earliest version, was invented in the 1970s. Since then, dentists and dental supplies companies have been working with this basic dental implant to create more efficient versions.

One of the advanced dental implant treatments that can be obtained nowadays is the All-On-4 dental implant treatment. With All-On-4, only four dental implants are inserted into the jawbone of the patient. By doing this, the patient only needs a minimal amount of jawbone to benefit from the procedure and does not have to undergo any expensive bone grafting treatments.

The All-On-4 dental implant procedure comes with additional benefits as well. Compared to normal dental implant procedures, All-On-4 is a lot less invasive and costs a lot less. If you find normal dental implant procedures too expensive, All-On-4 will be a great alternative.

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Even though All-On-4 uses less dental implants than a normal dental implant procedure, it does not mean that the procedure is inferior in any way. The All-On-4 treatment was invented by Dr Paulo Malo, an experienced Portuguese dentist, and Nobel Biocare, a worldwide supplier of dental equipment and dental technologies. Their cooperation led to one of the most revolutionary dental implant treatments in the world, a treatment that was able to help many people.

Could I Benefit from Modern Dental Implant Treatments?

Many patients can benefit from modern dental implant treatments, even patients who have lost a considerable amount of jawbone due to a loss of teeth. Instead of undergoing bone grafting, the All-On-4 dental implant procedure will provide an immediate solution. For more information about dental implant treatments, please book an appointment with the Malo Clinic or attend one of our free information evenings.



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