Dental Implants Advanced Procedures

What are the advanced procedures for the All-on-4 treatment concept?

For the vast majority of dental restorations we handle, the standard All-on-4 treatment is adequate for patients to get a new set of teeth. However, some patients may require more advanced procedures due to severe bone loss in the upper jaw, which prevents the proper placement of regular All-on-4 implants in the rear of the arch.

In such cases, zygomatic implants can be used for the two rear implants instead of regular All-on-4 implants. Zygomatic implants are three to five times longer than regular All-on-4 implants, which allows it to be placed in the cheek bone, also known as the zygomatic arch, where there is adequate bone volume to support the All-on-4 bridge. In some rare cases, two sets of zygomatic implants or a Quad Zygoma may be required for a total of four zygomatic implants in the rear and two regular implants up front.

Who needs the advanced All-on-4 procedures?

Zygomatic All-on-4 implants are an ideal solution for patients who have severe bone loss in the upper jaw and want to avoid the extra costs and waiting times associated with bone grafts and sinus lifts. Using zygomatic implants, patients can get immediate results without waiting several months for new bone tissue to grow and won’t have to deal with removable dentures to replace their extracted teeth before getting their implant surgery.

Just like regular All-on-4 implants, zygomatic implants can be surgically placed as soon as the patient’s remaining natural teeth are extracted. Patients can get a new set of teeth using a temporary bridge on the same day that their implants are placed. Once the implants have fully healed, the patient can then be fitted with their permanent dental bridge.

What are differences between advanced All-on-4 and normal All-on-4 procedures?

Advanced All-on-4 procedures, such as zygomatic implants, are only used for the upper jaw because it naturally has less bone volume than the lower jaw even when it is completely healthy. Due to the complex nature of the implant surgery, zygomatic implant procedures need to be performed by an experienced maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that no complications will arise.

As far as the implants are concerned, zygomatic implants are available in much longer sizes ranging from 30 mm to 52 mm in order to reach the jawline from the cheekbone where it is surgically implanted. It is also available with angles ranging from 45 to 60 degrees making it a very versatile option for many different situations.

In addition, regular All-on-4 procedures can be performed using local anaesthesia while zygomatic implant surgeries need to done with the patient under general anaesthesia.

Are advanced All-on-4 procedures more expensive?

Since zygomatic implants are inserted into to cheek bone and not just beneath the jaw bone, it is more invasive and requires more precise planning. The entire procedure is performed using general anaesthesia, which is a more complicated and costly procedure than the local anaesthetics used with most All-on-4 implants. The zygomatic implants used are also more expensive, adding to the procedure’s total costs.

However, compared to other dental restoration options that require bone grafts and sinus augmentations, the time saved, convenience and immediate results that All-on-4 zygoma implants offer often makes it a better option overall for most patients.

Advanced All-on-4 procedures, which includes zygomatic implants and quad zygoma implants, also have long-term success rates similar to regular All-on-4 procedures. In case any issues or complications arise, Malo Dental Sydney offers a worldwide warranty for all the All-on-4 treatments we perform so you won’t have to worry about paying for more dental work if you’re not completely satisfied with the results.

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