Need to Know On Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants and What Do I Need to Know?

Dental implants can provide patients with the permanent replacement teeth they have been searching for, but what are these implants exactly and what important information do you need to know before you book an appointment for a dental implant treatment? Please read the information below to learn more about dental implants in Australia!

What Are Dental implants and How Do They Work?

The dental implant can be described as a metal post or frame, which is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums of the mouth. Once the dental implant is in place, the oral surgeon can attach the abutments, which will form the connection between the implant and the replacement tooth. Of course, patients can obtain more than one dental implant, for example when they have lost several teeth due to the natural ageing process, tooth decay or long-term gum disease.

Dental implants can provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth, because they fuse with the jawbone of the patient. Contrary to dentures, implants do not have to be removed and cannot slip out when you eat sticky foods.

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What Are the Different Types of Implants?

In general, there are two types of dental implants currently used by oral surgeons and dentists. The first type of dental implant is the endosteal implant, which is directly inserted into the jawbone. Once the treated area has healed, the oral surgeon needs to execute a second procedure to connect a post (abutment) to the original implant. After this second procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon will be able to attach your new, permanent teeth.

There is also a second type of implant, more specifically the subperiosteal implant. The subperiosteal implant can be described as a metal frame, which is inserted into the jawbone. When the mouth starts to heal, the jawbone fuses with the frame. During a later procedure, the surgeon attaches the abutments to the frame, which will connect the replacement teeth to the abutments.

What Medical Criteria Do Patient Need to Meet to Get Dental Implants?

In order to get a dental implant procedure, patients must be in good general health, but also have good oral health. Therefore, patients must have healthy gums and must have the proper amount of jawbone to form a stable foundation for your new replacement teeth. Good oral hygiene is also needed after your dental implant treatment, because regular dental visits can make sure your implants stay in good condition.

Some patients may not have a sufficient amount of jawbone for a dental implant procedure, which can reduce the success rate of the treatment. For that reason, oral surgeon will not execute a dental implant procedure if there is not sufficient jawbone. In these cases, patients often have to get bone grafting to replace missing jawbone. Unfortunately, these procedures can be rather lengthy and expensive.

Is There an Alternative to Normal Dental Implant Treatment?

When a patient is not eligible for a normal dental implant procedure, for example due to a lack of jawbone, they may be able to take advantage of an alternative dental implant procedure – all-on-4.

All-on-4 is a revolutionary dental implant treatment invented by Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel BioCare. The treatment was created to give patients with little jawbone an alternative that did not require any bone grafting, subsequently reducing the treatment time and the time it takes for the patient to get their replacement teeth.

How Does All-On-4 Work?

The all-on-4 procedure uses four titanium implants, which are placed in strategic positions in the jawbone of the patient in question. By placing these implant in strategic locations, and by tilting the posterior implants, the oral surgeon is able to create a strong foundation for your replacement teeth.

During an all-on-4 procedure, the oral surgeon can insert a full bridge of teeth on four dental implants. The result is still a natural looking smile, while the patient can enjoy the regained function of their mouth.

All On 4 Dental Impants

Could I Be a Good Candidate for All-On-4?

Even though the medical criteria for this treatment are different from the medical criteria for normal implants, patients must still meet certain criteria to benefit from this revolutionary new treatment.

The first important factor is the general health of the patient. Some conditions and illnesses could affect the outcome of the treatment, for example uncontrolled diabetes. For that reason, the patient will be subjected to a thorough examination to determine if they are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

There are certain lifestyle choices that could also influence the success rate of the treatment. One of these poor lifestyle choices is smoking, because smokers have a higher chance of failing dental implants than any other patient. For that reason, patients should stop smoking well before their treatment takes place.

Last but not least, patients still need to have their jawbone checked before they can be a candidate for all-on-4. Even though the treatment can be executed in patients who are not eligible for normal implants due to a lack of jawbone, there needs to be some jawbone foundation for the treatment to be effective.

To determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, it is essential to book an appointment with a dentist or oral surgeon who can execute the treatment in question. An expert in this revolutionary treatment will be able to provide you with more information regarding the medical requirements, and determine whether or not you could be a good candidate for the treatment.

Can I Get This New Treatment at the Malo Clinic?

The Malo Clinic does not only provide patients with access to this revolutionary new treatment, it is also the inventor of the treatment, so patients can place their trust in our capable and experienced hands. Book an appointment at the Malo Clinic today to find out if you could benefit from all-on-4 dental implant treatment!



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