Free Information Evenings

Attend One of Our Free Information Evenings with Dr Larry Benge

The Malo Clinic organises free information evenings on a frequent basis. These information evenings are meant to familiarise patients with dental implants and the techniques used to implement them. The main dental implant treatment that will be covered during an information evening is the All-On-4 dental implant technique. To find out more about our information evenings and the benefits of attending, please read our information below.

The Benefits Compared to Dentures

Dental implants tend to provide more benefits than dentures, this is why dental implants versus dentures is one of the topics discussed during our free information evenings.

Even though dentures can be perfect for some patients, the can be uncomfortable for others. For that reason, many patients look at other options such as dental implants. However, patients with a limited amount of jawbone will find that normal dental implants are not really an option.

Patients that have suffered a loss of jawbone can still benefit from dental implants with the All-On-4 dental implant technique. With the All-On-4 dental implant technique, it is possible to place dental implants in the mouth of patients with a limited amount of jawbone and give them their replacement teeth in a matter of days.

A dental implant is the best replacement for a natural tooth. It has the ability to reduce the strain on your other teeth as well, which can be valuable if you wish to avoid further loss of teeth in the future. And last but not least, a good dental implant can improve your ability to speak and eat, so the functionality of the mouth can improve drastically through a simple procedure.

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Types of Dental Implants

During one of the information evenings organised by the Malo Clinic, patients can learn more about the different types of dental implants and the cases they are used for.

Dr Larry Benge focuses on the differences between the normal dental implant and the All-On-4 dental implant technique. Even though these procedures provide the same result, there are some crucial differences that can make a world of difference for patients.

There are many different types of dental implants nowadays. Some examples that are used frequently are the disk dental implant, the root dental implant, the Zygoma dental implant and many more. During the information evening, you will learn more about these types of dental implants and the various procedures that can be used to implement them.

Medical Criteria

Even though All-On-4 is available to patients with a minimal amount of jawbone, there are certain medical criteria that need to be met in order to benefit from this procedure. During the information evening, Dr Larry Benge will explain these medical criteria in greater detail.

There are certain medical conditions that can interfere with the healing of the mouth, this is why certain medical conditions need to be evaluated and reported before the procedure itself. Some medical conditions can exclude a patient from the All-On-4 treatment, although this is quite rare. If you should be excluded from the All-On-4 treatment for one reason or the other, the Malo Clinic will come up with a suitable alternative for your particular problem.

The second important denominator that needs to be assessed before a patient can take advantage of All-On-4 is general medical health. A medical check-up is needed for most patients, but becomes more important for elderly patients. If your general health is okay, the oral surgeon can go ahead with the All-On-4 dental implant treatment.

Our Malo Clinic aims to provide patients with the best possible care, this is why evaluation of the general health of the patient is so important. By being aware of conditions and problems, the oral surgeon can adjust the treatment plan and provide you with a safe solution to your dental problem.

Explaining the Procedure

Many patients like to know how the procedure is performed before they choose an All-On-4 treatment plan. During the free information evening, patients can learn more details about the All-On-4 procedure and how it is performed.

The All-On-4 treatment can be described as a so-called prosthodontic procedure, which basically refers to the replacement of missing teeth. During the procedure, the oral surgeon can replace a missing set of teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw by inserting four dental implants.


Registering for the Free Information Evening

Patients who want to attend one of our free information evenings will have to reserve their seat on our website. The reason why we request our patients to reserve a seat is mainly due to the popularity of our information evenings. We wish to cater to everyone, so we organise information evenings throughout the year. If you cannot find a suitable date at the moment, there will be another date available soon.

The link to our free information evenings page can be found above the main menu, on the right-hand side of your screen. Once you have opened the page, you will notice an information evening registration form. To attend one of our free information evenings, simply select the date you wish the attend and enter your personal information.

There could be a small chance that there is currently no available date for our free information evenings, this happens when the information evening in question is fully booked. If there is no available date, simply select the “notify me of a future event” option and the Malo Clinic will notify you when a new date becomes available.

Patients also have the option to add extra seats to their reservation. If you have a family member or friend who could benefit from the All-On-4 treatment as well, you can easily reserve a seat for them as well. Simply add the amount of seats you wish to reserve by entering the number underneath the “Number of Seats” header.

To gain more information about All-On-4 or All-On-4 Zygoma procedures before attending the free information evening, please head over to the information pages on the Malo Clinic website. Patients can also book an appointment with the Malo Clinic if they believe they might be eligible for the procedure.



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