Dental Implant Options

Discover Your Dental Implant Options with our Excellent Dental Implant Team!

Getting the right dental implants can be quite the task, especially when you confront the subject for the very first time. Fortunately, there are a lot of places to turn to when you need more information about dental implants and available treatments. The Malo Clinic is one of the places you can go to for more information. Through the Malo Clinic, patients get access to some of the experts in the field of dental implants and an open source of information the patient can read through at his/her own leisure.


Who Are the Malo Clinic Dental Implant Experts?

Patients can find three experts in dental implants at the Malo Clinic, this includes Dr Paulo Malo, Dr Larry Benge and Dr Kevin Spencer. Each of these experts brings something unique to the dental implant treatment table, so let us have a closer look at each of these experts to find out more!

Dr Paulo Malo is a Portuguese Dentist who obtained his degree from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. However, Dr Paulo Malo also has a passion for improving existing dental treatments and providing new options for complex dental cases. One of his inventions is the All-On-4 treatment, which uses four special dental implants that can be inserted in the jawbone.

The second person patients can turn to for their dental implant treatment is Dr Larry Benge, one of the Australian experts in the field of All-On-4 dental implants. Dr Benge is also the former president of the Australian Society of General Dentistry and an active member of the Australian Dental Association. Patients cannot only call on Dr Larry Benge to perform dental implant procedures, they can also count on him for more information on the subject, since Dr Larry Benge regularly holds information evenings and released a number of podcasts on dental implants.

Of course, Dr Kevin Spencer is also available to help patients with any complex dental problems they may be facing. Dr Kevin Spencer graduated from the University of Auckland and obtained a BDSc from the University of Melbourne. Dr Kevin Spencer is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and can help patients with some of the most complex dental implant procedures.


What Kind of Procedures Can Be Performed at the Malo Clinic?

The Malo Clinic specialises in complex dental implant cases, which means it is the perfect clinic for patients who have not been eligible for dental implants in the past. Patients may have been struggling with a lack of jawbone or have undergone numerous bone grafting procedures in order to get their jawbone right, without the desired results. Thanks to the options available at the Malo Clinic, patients can find an immediate tooth replacement solution.


Can I Be Eligible for a Dental Implant Treatment?

Many patients are eligible for dental implants, although they need to undergo an evaluation at the Malo Clinic in order to discover their options. To find out if you are eligible for the treatment, but do not want to make an appointment just yet, we can recommend attending one of the free information evenings organised by the Malo Clinic. If you prefer a one-on-one approach, we recommend contacting the Malo Clinic for an appointment.



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