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Nobel BioCare – the International Leader in Dentistry Equipment and Technology

One of the partners of the Malo Dental is Nobel BioCare, one of the leading manufacturers of dentistry equipment and technology. Thanks to Nobel BioCare, the Malo Dental is able to provide superior dentistry services to its patients. To find out more about Nobel BioCare and what they do, please read our information below.

Dental Implant Systems

Nobel BioCare has been a prominent player in the world of dental implants. Not only has Nobel BioCare released a range of dental implants, which are used by dental surgeries all over the world, they also played a pivotal role in the invention of the All-On-4 dental implants.

The All-On-4 dental implants were invented thanks to a cooperation between Nobel BioCare and Dr Paulo Malo, a Portuguese dentist who was searching for better dental implants for patients with a limited amount of jawbone. The result was the All-On-4 dental implant procedure, which is currently used at the Malo Dental to treat complex cases.


Custom Prosthetics Through State-Of-The Art Technology

Dental surgeries all over the world are able to provide patients with the best dental implants and dental restoration treatments thanks to the technology released by Nobel BioCare. A good example of such technology is the NobelProcera Dental CAD/CAM system.

The NobelProcera Dental CAD/CAM System enables the dentist to scan each case with the utmost accuracy. The system also involves software dentists can use to design all restorations, whether they are abutments, implant bars, crowns or bridges. This combination of software and equipment enables dental surgeries to increase the success of their restorative procedures and the lifespan of their treatments.

Most dental facilities or dental clinics use the NobelProcera Dental CAD/CAM System to improve the productivity of their clinic. Since everything it executed digitally, it can save the dentist or oral surgeon a considerable amount of time. The time saved on restoration planning can be very valuable for patients as well, since it gives them access to a quicker and more accurate dental service.

Superior Treatment Planning

Nobel BioCare is always looking for ways to make treatment planning for dental surgeries easier; this much is proven by the NobelProcera Dental CAD/CAM System. However, the NobelProcera Dental CAD/CAM System is not the only technology coming from Nobel BioCare to improve the patient’s experience and increase the productivity of the dental clinic.

One of the additional technologies dental surgeries get access to is the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® application. This technology enables the dentist to give the patient a thorough overview of the treatment plan and the problems that can be handled by the treatment. The application can also assist with the cooperation between treatment partners and make the entire process a lot swifter and more efficient.

All the technologies and equipment provided by Nobel BioCare can increase the efficiency of the treatment patients receive. On top of that, they also allow professionals to predict the outcome of a certain treatment with the utmost accuracy, which seriously decreases the chance of a treatment failing.

Guiding Dental Clinics

Amongst its many technologies and planning applications, Nobel BioCare has also released the NobelGuide, a treatment concept for diagnosis, treatment planning and guided implant surgery. The NobelGuide can cover a wide area of treatments, from single dental implants to complex surgical procedures.

Biomaterials for Restorative Dentistry

Nobel BioCare is very involved in restorative dentistry, which is why Nobel BioCare provides a range of regenerative solutions for bone and tissue regeneration procedures. Amongst these regenerative solutions – Creos Xenoprotect – a dedicated membrane for GBR (guided bone regeneration) and GTR (guided tissue regeneration).

Creos Xenoprotect consists of porcine collagen and elastin fibres, which provide the collagen membrane with a tremendous amount of strength. With the help of Creos Xenoprotect, it is possible to hold bone grafting materials in place and prevent the migration of unwanted cells. The prevention of migration ensures an uninterrupted healing process, which can provide a countless amount of benefits for the patient as well as the dentist executing the treatment.

all on 4 implant schematic

Training and Education for Professionals

In addition to their dentistry products, equipment and technology, Nobel BioCare also provides training and education for professionals. Given the fact that new technologies arrive on a frequent basis, this education is needed to give professionals access to the latest developments and more effective treatments.

Training and education provided by Nobel BioCare can cover a wide range of topics. There is special training available for fundamental treatments, but also special training and education for practice management, advanced treatments and complex treatments.

Also for Laboratories

The world of dentistry does not stop at the dental surgery, because dental laboratories are working hard behind the scenes to provide patients with the best possible treatment options. Technology and organisation is very important to these dental laboratories, so Nobel BioCare also provides services for dental laboratories all across the globe.

With the help of Nobel BioCare, laboratories can increase their efficiency. This increase in efficiency is reached by obtaining training for the Nobel BioCare CAD/CAM systems, various organisation activities to improve the brand of the laboratory and several programs that can strengthen the coordination between treatment partners.

Patient Education

Providing information to patients is also important to Nobel BioCare, so the company has dedicated several pages on their website to answering some of the most frequently asked questions. The main questions that can be answered on the Nobel BioCare website relate to dental implants, considering the focus of the company on dental implant procedures and materials. If you have been finding it hard to find suitable dental implants, Nobel BioCare and the Malo Dental can provide you with some great solutions.

Information regarding dental implants can also be found on the Malo Dental. Our website includes a number of information pages where you can find more details on common dental implant procedures and the medical criteria needed to take advantage of these treatments. On our website you can also meet our dental implant team, who you are bound to meet when you choose to have your treatment done at the Malo Dental.



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