Dr Larry Benge Podcasts

Get Your Info on Dental Implants from the Dr Larry Benge Podcasts

There are several ways to gain more information on dental implants and one of these ways are the Dr Larry Benge podcasts. Dr Larry Benge is one of the dental implant experts at the Malo Dental, so by listening to his podcasts you can gain valuable information on dental implants and find out which dental implant procedures you may be eligible for.

Where Can I Download the Dr Larry Benge Podcasts?

The Dr Larry Benge podcasts are available for listening and downloading on the Malo Dental website. However, they can also be obtained through iTunes if you are using an apple device or use iTunes as your main media player.


Does Dr Larry Benge Discuss Other Topics?

Dental implants is just one of the topics discussed by Dr Larry Benge, since the Malo Dental dentist also discusses topics such as tooth decay, dental tourism, oral health, preventative dentistry and so much more. The podcasts are meant to inform the local community about relevant dental topics, so many patients can get benefit from listening to these podcasts.

Are There Other Sources of Information for Dental Implants?

Picking the right dental implant treatment is always a little daunting, but it becomes a lot easier with the help of the information sources available on the Malo Dental. The podcasts are a great way to learn more about dental implants, but there are also information pages that can prove useful for patients who require more information on All-On-4 dental implants and accompanying techniques.

In addition to the Dr Larry Benge podcasts and our information pages, patients can also come to one of our free information evenings or seminars. The free information evenings will disclose everything you need to know about a very specific dental implant treatment – the All-On-4 dental implant treatment.


During one of our free information evenings, patients can listen to Dr Larry Benge, who will explain more about the dental implant treatment and the effect of the dental implant treatment on patients. Attendees can discover how the dental implant treatment can benefit them and all the things involved in the procedure, which enables patients to leave with all the information they need in order to make a decision.

Registering a seat for our seminars can be done through our website, simply click on the “Information Evening” link above the main menu and fill in the information to reserve your seat. If there is no data available, it means that all the seats for available seminars have been booked. No need to worry though, because patients can always register their interest for a future date and attend one of our seminars then.

Can I Get More Information from the Malo Dental?

Patients who want to get dental implants through the All-On-4 treatment can always make an appointment with the Malo Dental. One of our dentists will be able to work with you and provide a treatment plan that works for you. Remember, even if you are not eligible for normal dental implants, the Malo Dental can provide you with solutions.



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