Pros And Cons

One of the most common questions at the Malo Dental relates to the advantages and disadvantages of All-On-4 dental implants; this question is certainly not a surprise since the answer helps patients determine if All-On-4 dental implants are right for them.

To help patients decide on All-On-4 dental implants, we have listed common pros and cons of the treatment below. If you are interested in the treatment, please read some of the information below.

What Are Pros and Cons of All-On-4 Dental Implants?

Common benefits associated with All-On-4 dental implants include an improved ability to speak and eat, but also easy maintenance and a long-term alternative for dentures. Disadvantages accompanying the procedure are related to the chance that the treatment will fail. Fortunately, All-On-4 has one of the highest success rates compared to other dental implant treatments. Still, All-On-4 is subject to some side-effects that may occur due to poor oral hygiene, which we will list under cons below.

What Are the Pros Explained?

Many patients experience an improvement where speaking and eating is concerned; this since dental implants are quite different from dentures. While dentures sit on the gum of the patient and are a temporary fix by means of adhesive, dental implants are positioned in the patient’s jawbone. Naturally, this provides a much stronger base, eliminating the chances of the artificial teeth to fall out while speaking or eating.

Because dental implants are implemented in the jawbone of the patient, there is no need for the patient to add or remove their dental implants. Dentures must be removed at the end of the day, but dental implants can remain in the mouth like normal teeth.

Some patients find themselves more at ease with dental implants than dentures, although this is a personal choice. Since dentures can become loose and fall out, it makes them feel less confident in public, trying to avoid the embarrassment of losing the teeth. Fortunately, this is not a problem that can occur with dental implants.

Another major benefit of dental implants is the fact they stimulate the underlying jawbone. Dentures are not embedded in the jawbone, so they do not stimulate it, causing the jawbone to deteriorate over time. A dental implant does stimulate the jawbone, keeping the function and the strength of the bone intact. Naturally, this could be a major benefit for younger patients who have lost some teeth and want to keep the jawbone strong and healthy.

Even with less jawbone, dental implant procedures are still an option. One of the dental implant procedures that require less jawbone is All-On-4. The treatment places the implants at a certain angle, creating a stronger base for an entire arch of teeth without the need for bone grafts. Therefore, if bone grafting is something that has stopped you from getting your dental implants, All-On-4 should be a treatment to consider.

What Are the Cons Explained?

Dental implants will require the same maintenance as your natural teeth. However, this is a small price to pay for patients who would like to have artificial teeth that look and feel like their natural teeth. Therefore, if a patient is willing to maintain their dental implants and visit the dentist from time to time, this is not a true disadvantage.

Patients who do not take proper care of their dental implants may encounter complications; therefore, it is important for patients to follow the guidelines provided by their dental surgery. Prolonged poor hygiene and care could even lead to a condition called peri-implantitis, which could cause your dental implants to fail.

Even though most patients are eligible for All-On-4 dental implants, there is a small percentage of people that may not be suitable for this procedure. Therefore, patients must always get a thorough evaluation from an experienced dentist.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons of the All-On-4 Treatment?

Many patients state that the pros certainly outweigh the cons, but obtaining the treatment is always a personal choice. Dental implants can be an investment for patients, so it is a decision that must be considered.

When making the decision, the patient’s quality of life always takes center stage. There is no doubt that dental implants could make some of the daily activities of the patient a lot easier; this includes basic actions such as speaking and eating. While the cost is something to consider, the benefits usually outweigh treatment cost.

All-On-4 can be more affordable than other implant treatments where multiple teeth must be replaced. Since most patients can afford the treatment, the overall benefits of the treatment will outweigh its cost.

To determine your suitability or eligibility for the treatment, it is always a good idea to speak to a dentist or oral surgeon at the Malo Dental Sydney. At our clinic, we can lay out suitable treatment options and provide you with a clear cost estimate.



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