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Are you interested in dental health or simply looking for a dental treatment that matches your needs? Below, patients can find some interesting articles and podcasts from Dr Larry Benge, an expert in the field of dental implants and one of the dentists at the Malo Clinic. If you need to know anything about oral health or dental implants, these articles and podcasts will be the best source of information out there.


All-On-4 Dental Implants

Many patients want to know more about the All-On-4 dental implants, considering these dental implants could provide them with a solution for their dental problem. Dr Larry Benge discusses this topic on a frequent basis, not only in articles on our website, but also in his podcasts and during the free information evenings organised by the Malo Clinic.

The free information evenings and podcasts are accessible to everyone, so anyone in the community who wants to know more about dental implants can find more information on the topic during one of the free information evenings or by listening to one of the Dr Larry Benge podcasts.

In addition to the podcasts and the articles in our archive, patients can also find several information pages on All-On-4 dental implants. Patients can also order a booklet on the subject, which is offered for free by the Malo Clinic.

Dental & Medical Tourism

Dental & medical tourism is a subject that has been discussed frequently. Many patients tend to keep their options open when it comes to their dental treatment and this usually includes dental tourism. Many dental treatments tend to be a lot cheaper abroad, but these treatments do come with a number of risks patients need to consider.

Getting a dental procedure abroad can lead to a considerable amount of problems. There can be a problem with the procedure itself, or the results are not what you expected. There is also a language barrier the patient should be concerned about, especially when the patient considers a treatment in a country such as Thailand.

larry and patient

To find out more about dental & medical tourism, we can recommend listening to one of the Dr Larry Benge podcasts on dental tourism. There are several podcasts available, simply pick your favourite podcast from our archive or download the podcast from iTunes.

Oral Health

Dental health and preventative dentistry is also a topic you will find quite frequently on the Malo Clinic website. Dr Larry Benge and the Malo Clinic aim to inform the local community about dental hygiene, preventative dentistry and all other topics relating with it, this in order to prevent common dental problems that can easily be avoided.

Patients who want to know more about oral hygiene and preventative dentistry can certainly benefit from listening to the Dr Larry Benge podcasts. They will be able to gain valuable tips to regain their oral health or maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible. In addition to tips for natural teeth, patients can also discover a variety of tips for replacement teeth, dentures and dental implants.



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