Are All-On-4 Dental Implants Worth It?

To answer this question, we need to look at little closer at the procedure used to implement these implants, but also take a closer look at all-on-4 dental implants themselves. Read on to find out more about this revolutionary treatment and discover if the implant treatment could benefit you.

What Are All-On-4 Dental Implants?

The principle of the all-on-4 dental implants rests on the fact that all replacement teeth of the patient are supported and carried by only four (up to a maximum of six) all-on-4 dental implants. It is considered to be a prosthodontics procedure, which can be used to give patients a full rehabilitation despite of a large number of decayed teeth.

With this revolutionary treatment, oral surgeons are able to replace an entire arch or bridge of teeth in the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. Each of the four implants will then support the prosthesis with replacement teeth, which may contain anything between ten and fourteen teeth.

In most cases, patients can get their replacement teeth with this treatment in a matter of days. It is a solution for patients who want to regain their full mouth function, but do not necessarily like to wear dentures.


What Is the All-On-4 Bridge?

The all-on-4 bridge could be described as the pinnacle of biomedical engineering. It is a dental bridge created with CAD/CAM technology, which enables patients a solution for several missing teeth.

Materials used in this particular type of bridge are only of a biocompatible nature; this means that dentists will only use materials such as titanium and ceramics. Instead of choosing individual ceramic crowns, patients can choose this bridge to simulate the look of natural teeth, and without the need for a partial denture.

Who Invented This Treatment?

All-on-4 was created through a cooperation between Dr Paula Malo, a Portuguese dentist, and Nobel BioCare, a dental implant manufacturer. Both parties wanted to look for a permanent teeth replacement solution for patients who were not eligible for normal dental implant procedures, mainly due to a lack of jawbone. Even though an alternative for normal dental implant procedures was the main goal, the result of their cooperation offers more than that. Considering the fact that the surgeon only needs to use four implants, the procedure is less lengthy and more affordable for most patients in need of a permanent teeth replacement solution.

Is It True That This Treatment Eliminates the Need for Bone Grafting?

One of the main reasons why patients discover all-on-4 is because they are looking for a permanent teeth replacement option that does not require bone grafting. Bone grafting is a procedure that will replace missing or damaged bone, enabling patients to get their dental implant treatment.

Even though bone grafting is a viable and effective procedure to replace jawbone and give patients more bone volume for their dental implant treatment, the treatment can become a lengthy and expensive process. Considering many patients do not have the funds for such procedures, all-on-4 could be a viable alternative that does not require bone grafting.

Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel BioCare solved the problem of lacking jawbone volume by using longer implants and tilting the posterior implants by 45 degrees. By doing so, oral surgeons can still provide patients with a stable foundation for their new replacement teeth. This has also been supported by science, because this treatment has a long-term success rate of 98%.

How Do I Maintain These Implants Once I Have Obtained Them?

The maintenance of implants is quite similar to the maintenance of natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, your replacement teeth, abutments and implants will need regular brushing and flossing to keep plaque and food residue at bay. Patients will also need to visit their dentist and dental hygienist on an annual basis, just as they would do for their natural teeth.

To make cleaning your implants a little easier, there are special toothbrushes you could obtain. These toothbrushes are often needed because some places can be more difficult to clean than others. Interdental brushes or end-tuft brushes can help you reach those hard-to-reach places, while floss ensures there is no plaque build-up between your teeth. Of course, a regular appointment with the dental hygienist will be vital to keep your implants and replacement teeth in excellent condition.

all on 4 implant schematic

Could This Treatment Be a Solution for My Missing Teeth?

If you have been considering getting a dental implant procedure, but were not eligible in the past due to missing jawbone, you might be eligible for this treatment. However, patients must make an appointment at our Malo Clinic to ensure you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

During a first appointment at the Malo Clinic, our dentists can evaluate your dental health as well as your eligibility for the treatment. Our dentists can also propose an alternative treatment plan to ensure the patient is fully informed about all the treatment available to him or her.

Can I Come to the Malo Clinic for Implants?

The Malo Clinic is specialised in dental implant treatments and can provide solution for more complicated dental problems. If you have not been eligible for a normal dental implant treatment, or if you are interested in obtaining dental implants in general, the Malo Clinic will be able to provide you with a suitable treatment plan.

To book an appointment at the Malo Clinic, please give our friendly receptionists a call and they will provide you with an appointment that matches your busy schedule. Please note that a first appointment for dental implants does not mean that you are obligated to go ahead with treatment. Patients always get the time to evaluate their options and determine if our treatment facility is right for them. Therefore, feel free to book your first appointment at the Malo Clinic, even if you are unsure about the treatment route you should take. Our dentists and experienced oral surgeons will be able to provide you with a possible treatment plan, on which you can base an informed decision.



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