Zygoma Implants

Uncover the Secrets of Zygoma Implants!

Zygoma dental implants can be a real life-saver for many patients, especially when you consider that the use of Zygoma dental implants could eliminate the need for bone grafting. If you have been looking for a good dental implant solution, but have been limited due to a lack of jawbone, the Zygoma dental implants may be the perfect dental implant option for you.

What Is the Difference Between Zygoma Dental Implants and Normal Dental Implants?

The Zygoma dental implant is considerably longer than the conventional dental implant. The Zygoma implant is inserted in the cheekbone, so not in the roof of the mouth where a normal dental implant would be implemented. Due to the length of the Zygoma dental implant, the implant can have an excellent grip on the bone and provide the perfect foundation for your replacement teeth.


Can a Zygoma Dental Implant Be Combined with a Normal Dental Implant?

The combination of a Zygoma dental implant and normal dental implant is not unheard of, especially in patients with complicated dental problems. For patients with a considerable amount of teeth loss, the oral surgeon could insert up to two Zygoma dental implants and up to four normal dental implants in order to provide the perfect base for the false teeth.

One of the biggest benefits connected to the Zygoma dental implant is the fact that the dental implant can be adjusted when needed. A Zygoma dental implant can be created for a particular patient, which opens a world of possibilities where dental restoration is concerned.

Why Are Zygoma Implants Inserted in the Back of the Jaw?

The reason why Zygoma implants are inserted in the back of the jaw has a lot to do with bone deterioration. Patients who have lost a certain amount of teeth will find that the jawbone tends to deteriorate quicker in the back of the jaw, which is why Zygoma implants are needed in this area.

Placing the Zygoma implants in the back of the jaw also provides additional benefits. The oral surgeon will only place two Zygoma implants in the jaw, which makes the entire procedure less invasive. Less invasive procedures are not only safer for the patient, they also require less healing and cause a lot less discomfort once the procedure has been executed.

How Is a Treatment Plan for Zygoma Implants Prepared?

The treatment plan is mostly done digitally; this saves the patient and dentist time and makes the entire treatment a lot more accurate. In the old days, dentists and oral surgeons had no way of predicting the effectiveness of a treatment, nor did they have the means to predict problems during a procedure. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, we are now able to execute treatments with the utmost accuracy and in the safest environment possible.

Does the Malo Dental Provide Zygoma Implants?

Our Malo Dental is specialised in dental implants, so Zygoma implants can also be used during a treatment. The Zygoma implant is usually offered to a patient who has an insufficient amount of jawbone in the upper jaw. With a Zygoma implant, the oral surgeon is able to provide the strong foundation for your replacement teeth.

Patients who have suffered an extreme loss of jawbone can be recommended for another procedure which involves Zygoma implants – the Quad Zygoma procedure. During a Quad Zygoma procedure, the oral surgeon will insert two Zygoma implants on either side of the available check bone. By inserting two sets of Zygoma implants, the patient can get a full set of replacement teeth.

What Kind of Sedation Is Used During Zygoma Procedures?

All Zygoma procedures are executed under general anaesthetic, considering that the dental implant is inserted in the cheekbone. General anaesthetic is only used with Zygoma implants, since normal dental implants are usually inserted with local anaesthetic. However, there are rare cases where a general anaesthetic could be used, for example a nervous patient.


How Long Until I Get My Replacement Teeth with Zygoma Implants?

The normal Zygoma dental implant procedure and the Quad Zygoma implant procedure will provide you with your replacement teeth in one to three days. The short treatment time of these implant procedures tends to be one of the biggest benefits, but there are many more benefits to discover.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Zygoma Implants?

Zygoma implants can provide patients with the same series of benefits you would expect to obtain from normal dental implants. However, the biggest benefit for most patients is their improved oral health. In addition to improved oral health, patients can also count on benefits such as better aesthetics, improved speech, extra comfort, easier eating, improved self-esteem and convenience.

How Successful Are Dental Implant Treatments?

Dental implant treatments are very successful, especially when you consider how dental implant technology has evolved over the past twenty years. In general, dental implant treatments have a success rate of 98%, so there is only a very low margin for failure.

The success of a dental implant does somewhat lie with the patient as well, no matter if you have a Zygoma dental implant or normal dental implant. In order to maintain the functionality of the dental implant, the patient needs to care for the dental implant. Brushing and flossing at least two times a day will help to maintain the good condition of the dental implant and your replacement teeth. It is also advised to book regular appointments with your dental hygienist; this is needed to clean some of the places that cannot be reached with a regular toothbrush.

Once you have your dental implant procedure done, the Malo Dental staff will provide you with all the information you need regarding the aftercare of your dental implant. If the patient follows the guidelines and the advice of the dentist, the dental implant can last a lifetime.

For more information on dental implants and available procedures, please refer to the information pages on the Malo Dental website. Do you require some advice on a complex case? Feel free to book an appointment at the Malo Dental.



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